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Board Level Shields (BLS) and Clips

Author : Date : 10/23/2017 4:28:04 PM
Shielding directly on the PCB
In addition to a shielding of the electronic housing it may be useful or even necessary to shield the interference source directly on the Printed Circuit Board. This is often required to comply with current EMC laws relating to outgoing and incoming radiation and / or to guarantee the safe function of the assembly.

Use of different materials

Board Level Shielding Cans can be made of a range of materials:

Tin plated steel
Stainless steel
Copper nickly zinc alloy 

Shields in different dimensions
Forms of delivery

Optionally the user can choose between the following delivery forms:

One-piece shields
Two-piece shields (frame and cover)
SMD-compatible shielding clips and separate covers

one piece shielding cover Two piece shielding cover metal shielding cover with clips
One piece shielding cover   Two piece shielding cover   Shielding with clips