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RF shieling cans & Can tuner shell

Author : Date : 7/7/2014 10:48:22 AM
RF Shielding CansTuner shell
                             RF Shielding cans                                                                        Can tuner shell

Now days, there are lot of customer  need the  rf shidleing cans instead of the can tuner shell , because  the  rf shielding 

cans  cost less than cantuner shell  , u can see the picture  i show  u , the rf shielding can  just need  one frame  one cover ,

But the can tuner shell need  oneframe   two cover  one pin . it will cost more  than rf shielding can ,

Also  the  rf  shielding cans  is  become more small than the can tuner shell , also  it is  easy  to assy with the  PCB .

So i think the rf shielding cans  will  instead of the can tuner .