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What EMI Shielding is and Why it Matters

Author : Date : 3/23/2015 8:59:42 AM

What is EMI? Why Does it Matter?

In general, EMI is the study of interference between electronic components such as your cell phone and the radio in your car. For example, some people experience noise when they’re getting a phone call in their car and it shows up through the car speakers. That’s because the car radio is picking up some of the signal from their cell phone.

We call this interference because it’s not desired. We don’t want those two to be talking to each other because they’re separate devices and they should live in separate worlds, or separate frequency bandwidths.

But unfortunately, the world is not perfect. There’s always some interference and EMI is not only the issue, but also the study of how to solve these problems.

EMI shielding cover