tin plated metal shielding cover


tin plated metal shielding cover

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Board Level Shielding

Specified by engineers around the world,Hexin's standard and custom board level shielding (BLS) offers unlimited design flexibility for surface-mount and through-hole configurations. With an array of standard shields that can be customized to any performance requirement,Hexin specializes in today's most challenging EMI/RFI shielding applications. BLS shielding can also be custom-engineered from start to finish based on your specific need.
 nickle silver,stainless steel,alumin,tin plated
Packing: shield frame in tape and reel,shield cover in common tray
Delivery time: 20 days for tooling,10 days for mass production
Type: two-pieces,single piece,Low profile,Multi-planar,Multi-cavity,Customized
Process: high speed stamping machine,automatic production line and T&R packing
Applaction:monitoring devices,medical devices,communication devices,any device with a circuit board
Manufacturing Capabilities:Prototype,Short-Run

Approval And Testing

●  Material Inspection certification
●  Final Testing Report
●  RoHs

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